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O, A, Men, Women, AV @ 12 Step Study Group of AA

12 Step discussion meeting: This is an OPEN meeting of alcoholics anonymous.

A recurring discussion in the format of a book study.  Meeting opens with selected reading from AA approved literature, followed by topic discussion of the steps.  Note: no prior experience required.  questions welcome!

Time limit of 3 minutes per share with a 5 minute introduction to the step being discussed.  1 hour meeting.  Please limit your discussion with topics regarding Alcoholism.  Please respect the traditions and anonymity of ALL attendees.

Format: Zoom video chat

Daily Open Meeting: 6:00 P.M. Pacific time zone,  9:00 P.M. Eastern Time zone
Women's Meeting:  Wednesday at 7:30 PM EST - 4:30 PM PST Weekly
Men's Meeting:  Thursday at 7:00 PM EST - 4:00 PM PST Weekly

Meeting Website:
The above website has a button to click to start the meeting.  Please be early.  Door opens at 5:45 PST

Email Contact:

O, A, Men, Women, AV, T 1 Hole in the Sky AA Meeting Schedule

25 online/virtual meetings per week at the Hole In The Sky, 7 days a week through the Zoom Platform with video, audio and call in options. We have rotating formats that include speaker, participation and mixed meetings all listed here:

Daily:  This Too Shall Pass @ The Hole In The Sky 5:30pm PST - Meeting ID: 929-905-30798

Monday to Friday: AA Spiritual Discussion 6:45am PST - Meeting ID: 705-311-870 Zoom Room Link:

Monday & Friday:  AA Big Book Study 12:00pm PST - Meeting ID: 295-712-428 Zoom Room Link:

Monday:  AA Men's Stag (Closed) 6:00pm PST - Meeting ID: 178-832-291 Zoom Room Link:

Tuesday & Saturday: 12&12 Book Study 12:00pm PST - Meeting ID: 295-712-428 Zoom Room Link:

Tuesday: AA Secular Daily Reflections 3:00pm PST - Meeting ID: 414-948-190 Zoom Room Link:

Tuesday:  AA Women's Stag (Closed) 6:30pm PST - Meeting ID: 214-245-611 Zoom Room Link:

Wednesday:  Living Sober Book Study 12:00pm PST - Meeting ID: 295-712-428 Zoom Room Link:

Wednesday:  Beginner's Workshop 6:00pm PST - Meeting ID: 609-275-263 Zoom Room Link:

Wednesday:  Candlelight Meeting 8:00pm PST - Meeting ID: 659-596-548 Zoom Room Link:

Thursday:  Secular AA Meeting 12:00pm PST - Meeting ID: 295-712-428 Zoom Room Link:

Thursday:  Grapevine Meeting 6:00pm PST - Meeting ID: 282-018-390 Zoom Room Link:

Friday: Women's Stag Meeting 3:00pm PST - Meeting ID: 922-673-22215 Zoom Room Link:

Friday:  Daily Reflections Meeting 6:00pm PST - Meeting ID: 137-609-502 Zoom Room Link:

Friday:  West Valley Speaker Meeting 7:30pm PST - Meeting ID: 514-586-368 Zoom Room Link:

Saturday:  Sobriety Speaks Out Speaker/Participation Meeting 6:00pm PST - Meeting ID: 980-772-892 Zoom Room Link:

Sunday:  Big Book Study Meeting 12:00pm PST - Meeting ID: 787-468-826 Zoom Room Link:

Sunday:  Sunday 4:30 Meeting at HITS 4:30pm PST - Meeting ID: 831-719-356 Zoom Room Link:

Email Contact:

C, GLBT, Women, AV A Virtual Awakening

A Virtual Awakening is a closed AA meeting for women, nonbinary and trans people. We read literature and hear the experience, strength, and hope of a speaker followed by a discussion.

A Virtual Awakening - Thursday at 1:00 pm EST and Sunday at 8:30 pm EST.  Please note this is a closed alcoholics anonymous meeting for people who identify as women, trans and/or non-binary.   

As of July 12th, 2020 we have a NEW ZOOM ID and password.

MEETING ID: 828 1132 5611.
PASSWORD:  Please email us at for the password.

C, Women, E AA Serenity

AA Serenity is a closed, women's AA email meeting. Our weekly topics consist of a Big Book meeting, Grapevine meeting, and Newcomer meeting, as well as discussions on the Steps and Traditions of the corresponding month. We welcome all women who adhere to the traditions of AA. We have women from all over the world sharing their experience, strength, and hope in this group … and we support one another, as sisters, through all the bad times, as well as all the good times. AA Serenity remains one of the safest women’s AA on-line groups on the Internet.

Write to the address below to subscribe or for further information.

O, Women, E, DF AA Women in Recovery

A fun and easy women's AA support group. We give alot of encouragement, strength, and hope!

O, Women, AV AA Women Of the World (AA WOW)

Наша группа – это еженедельная АА скайп-группа русскоговорящих женщин алкоголиков, разбросанных по всему миру, которые объединились помогать друг другу выздоравливать. Мы делимся нашим опытом выздоровления достигнуттый путем прохождения 12 шагов. Группа собирается раз в неделю с 21.00 по 22.00 по времени Нью Йорка (часовой пояс EDT). Чтобы попасть на группы, посылайте свой запрос на скайп AA_WOW_WOMEN (или

Our AA skype-group is a group of Russian speaking women that live everywhere in the World and suffer from alcoholism. We come together to share our experience of achieving sobriety by working 12 Steps. The meetings are conducted on Wednesday, 9pm to 10 pm New York time (EDT). To attend the meeting, send a request to skype AA_WOW_WOMEN (or

O, Women, AV AA Women's Meeting

(Central European Time)
Thursday 21:00 CET
Sunday 16:30 CET

How to join: Please send a contact request to aawomensmeeting from your Skype account stating that you want to attend meetings, and be on line 5-10 minutes before the meeting start time. In the Chat box, you can ask to be added to the meeting and you will be called by the meeting's technical host. When you see the Skype call on your screen, answer with voice only. Video is not supported.

Mission Statement: This group originated in Continental Europe in 2010 to primarily serve women who live in non-English speaking countries or who have difficulty accessing English-speaking meetings in person.

Meeting Format: All meetings are 1-hour long with a chairperson that follows a format. The theoretical attendance limit is 25 (Skype's limit), but can range from 15-20+ depending on the strength of the internet connection.

O, Women, E

Women needing support, sponsors, comraderie, information about recovery; we study the Big Book, 12X12, and other AA approved literature in the context of women's issues. But all topics are open for discussion. We ask that all who are interested to submit a biography and we will contact them with information about our meetings (three days a week and traditions). A member will welcome the newcomer, and the bio will help us to decide how to help and incorporate them into our group.

We are friendly and inclusive. We encourage newcomers of all types.

C, Women, E AAW14/Serenity Sisters

AA Womens Closed group who have trusted servants of Greeter, Birthday Co-ordinator, and List Keeper. We were named AAW14 and have been going for many years. We are capped at 25 and share each week on a different AA topic including the Step and Tradition corresponding to the month. Many of us are unable to get to face-to-face meetings, due to remote location or disabilities, and we appreciate this group as a supplement to our regular meetings. 

We are serious about our recovery but do insist that we are not a glum lot as we also have alot of fun. We are ladies from all over the world. We are an email group which maintain our membership list in our address books.

Contact Natalie at the address below. 

O, Women, AV As Bill Sees It Women's Meeting

10:00 am Eastern Time Friday

This is an Open Women's Meeting located in Wayne, Pa. ET

We read a selection from AS BILL SEES IT and our speaker shares on it for 10-15 minutes. Then we open the meeting for reflection and discussion of the reading or topics related to our common problem of Alcoholism. Our primary purpose is to help ANY alcoholic achieve sobriety. 

Web Site: 171 364 765
Password: 547943
Email Contact:

O, Women, GLBT, AV Castro Sober Sisters

Meeting Day: Sunday
Meeting Time: 11:30am-12:30pm PST (pacific standard time)

Meeting with speaker. This San Francisco meeting usually takes place at Castro Country Club. Those who identify as female are welcome

Web Site: 
Email Contact:

C, Women, E Cybriety (Women's) Groups

All of the Cybriety groups are closed groups of women in AA who share not only our common struggle to lead a sober life, but our experience, strength, and hope in the process. Although we meet online, we consider ourselves real AA groups and we follow the steps and traditions of AA.

We limit our membership to 40 in each group.

Please select one of the groups in this directory and contact it for more information.

C, Women, E Cybriety 1

Cybriety 1 is an online, email recovery group for women with a membership limited to 40 members. We share our experience, strength, and hope with each other through weekly topics and off topic discussions.

Contact the group at the address below.

C, Women, E Cybriety 2

A group of recovering alcoholic women belonging to Alcoholics Anonymous who's main purpose is to stay sober and help others achieve sobriety. We will adhere to all principles and traditions as directed by the OIAA commission and the General Office of AA, especially annonymity.

C, Women, E Cybriety 5

We are a closed women's AA group, which means we only accept women who identify as alcoholics into our fold.  Members may read and respond to a weekly email topic, when and as they are moved to share.  Off-topic shares are also welcome as we share our experience, strength and hope with each other... helping us all to stay sober and to live life on life's terms. In addition, although we strongly recommend a "real life" sponsor whenever possible, we do have a few members who are willing to sponsor through this group, for those in need.

If you have questions about our group, please reach out to us at  To join, please email your request and include your hometown, date of sobriety (if you have one), and the email you prefer to use for the group. 

C, Women, E Cybriety 6

We are a closed women's AA group. Members may read or respond to a weekly topic, and off topic shares are also welcomed as we share our experience, strength and hope with each other.

Contact the Mail Rep to subscribe or for more information.

C, Women, E Cybriety 9

Contact Kathleen to subscribe or for more information.

C, AV, Women Daily Reflections

Meeting Times: 1:00 PM EST
Meeting Day: Friday

This is the Zoom version, during Covid-19 Social Distancing, of the Friday 1 pm  Women's Daily Reflections that normally meets at the Carnavale Center in Pompton Lakes, NJ The Daily Reflection is read, discussion then takes place.

Web Site:

C, Women, AV Freedom from Bondage Women's Big Book Study

Meeting Time Zone: CDT
Meeting Times: 5:30 PM
Meeting Day: Friday

Freedom from Bondage is a women's Big Book Study group for women and anyone that identifies. We Study the first 164 pages of the Big Book. We read a selected reading from the Big and have a discussion based on the reading. 

Meeting ID 914 142 398
Password FFB123

Meeting Link

Email Contact:

O, Women, AV International AA Women's Speaker Meeting on Friday

Meeting Time Zone: CET (Europe)
Meeting Day: Friday
Meeting Times: Every Friday, one hr meeting.
17.00 CET, 16.00 BST, 18.00 IDT, 8 AM PDT, 11 AM EDT

Women's speaker started on April 17 set up by 4 women from USA and Europe. Open meeting. Quite large meeting. Continues after covid. Friendly vibe, we are in this together girls. speakers from all kinds of backgrounds, some local , some are circuit speakers. All inspiring stories. Then 2½ minute sharing.

Web Site:

Email Contact:

C, Women, E KISS Group

Keep It Simple Sisters (KISS) is a closed women's AA meeting. For sharing by email we have a Sunday general topic and a Wednesday literature topic,  plus a monthly Step/Tradition discussion. We welcome all women who adhere to AA s Third Tradition: The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking."

With tons of experience, strength, and hope, the warm and sincere recovering women from all around the globe, KISS offers many years of wonderful sobriety.

C, Women, T Ladies of Serenity

4 p.m. Tues. EST

Closed women's meeting. We read out of a chosen recovery book such as the Big Book, 12 & 12, the Grapevine, etc.

Phone Number: 701802-5322

Meeting Access Code: 8973749

C, Women, E Ladies of Serenity

Closed women's email meeting. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there.  And for that, I am responsible.  Cited from the AA Grapevine, Inc.

Anyone needing help, please email

O, C, A, Men, Women, AV Rocklin Fellowship

Meeting Day: Daily - Everyday
Meeting time: Vaired

We currently are providing 28 online meetings a week. We have book study's covering the big book and the 12&12, men's meetings,women's meetings, topic meetings, chair person meetings, and young people meetings. Our women and men's meetings are closed to only men or women.

Rocklin Fellowship Online Meeting Schedule/Instructions

Email Contact:

C, Women, T Secular AA

Sober She Devils Sunday Meeting

"Women Only – Closed Meeting"
Time: 7:00am Pacific US Standard Time (10:00am Eastern)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 657 402 688
One tap mobile
+16465588656,,657402688# US (New York)
+16699006833,,657402688# US (San Jose)

Sober She Devils Monday Meeting

"Women Only – Closed Meeting"
Time: 9:00pm Eastern US Standard Time

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 306 156 306
One tap mobile
+16465588656,,306156306# US (New York)
+16699006833,,306156306# US (San Jose)

O, Women, AV, T Serenity Sisters ABC - CA

Meeting Time Zone: USA PST
Meeting Day(s) Monday-Friday (5 days)
Meeting Times: 12:00 PM until 1:15 PM

Video/Audio/Telephone -Women's Open Discussion Weekdays at Noon (PST) - M/W/F - Breathe, Meditate, Discuss Experience Strength & Hope, T - Big Book Study and share, TH - 12X12 Study and share. Women Only. Last Fri of the month Celebrate AA milestones.

Meeting Link 

Email Contact:

Phone Number: 1-669-900-6833 Meeting Access Code: 095526

C, Women, AV Serenity Sundays

Meeting Time Zone: CT
Meeting Times: 2:00 pm central

Serenity Sunday's is a women's topic discussion group to share our experience, strength, and hope surrounding various topics. We use the Zoom app to run this meeting. Password: 2020

Email Contact for Password:

Meeting Link
Meeting ID: 425 855 181

One tap mobile
+13017158592,,425855181#,,1#,2020# US (Germantown)
+13126266799,,425855181#,,1#,2020# US (Chicago)

Dial by your location
        +1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
        +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
        +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
        +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
Meeting ID: 425 855 181

Password: (email for password)

Find your local number

C, AtAG, GLBT, Women, AV She Agnostics

Tuesday 6:30 PM - 7:30PM USA EST

We are a closed meeting designed to serve woman, transwomen, non-binary and those who hold fluid identities who are Agnostics, Atheists, free-thinkers, non-believers, rationalists, humanists . . . anyone who struggles with the concept of a supernatural higher power.

Web Site:

Email Contact:

O, Women, AV, T Sisters of Sobriety (SOS)

Meeting Time:Tuesday
Meeting Day:6:00 PM PST

Woman's meeting - Open - We read a section from AA approved literature to share on and do a tag meeting.

To attend meeting, click this link:

C, Women, AV Sober Sisters

Meeting Times: Sunday 9:30 AM EST and Friday 7:00 PM EST

Women's Meditation meeting with a rotating format. We intend to be a supportive, nurturing, empowering community of women; an undivided sisterhood where women can safely share everything from their struggles and challenges to their triumphs and joy.

Please email  for the Zoom link.

Web Site
Email Contact:

C, Women, T Sober Women United

We are a fellowship of women who meet Monday through Friday at 10:00 am EST. Our format includes 10 minutes of meditation followed by discussion of readings from AA approved literature, Twenty Four Hours a Day, topic and burning desire.

Call (605)313-5974, Access Code 569562#.

Email Contact:

C, Women, AV Social Distancing Group

Meeting Day:Daily - Everyday
Meeting Time: 5:00 PM CST

Zoom meeting Women's closed meeting.

To join this meeting click this link:

Meeting ID: 340 582 5191
Password: 061035

Email Contact:

O, Women, AV Step Sisters

Meeting Time Zone: USA CDT/CST
Meeting Day: Sunday
Meeting Times: Sunday 4 pm  - 5 pm CT (3:45pm for fellowship)

Step Sisters is an open AA Step Meeting for women on the Zoom videoconferencing platform. Each week, one of our members has the lead on a given step (we do one a week in sequence), and then members with experience working the step share their experience, strength and hope on the step. Newcomers or anyone who does not have experience with the step are invited to ask questions.

We meet on Sundays from 4-5 Central Time, but we open the room at 3:45 for fellowship and keep the room open until 5:15 for further fellowship.

If you are on Facebook, contact the group via the group email address to be put in the private Facebook group as well. That is a forum where we share group announcements between meetings. Email a link to your Facebook profile to One of our members will friend you and invite you to the group, which is private.

Web Site
Email Contact:
Phone Number: +13462487799,,87363423470#,,,,,,0#,,8255736#
Meeting Access Code: Zoom ID 873 6342 3470 Passcode: welcome

O, Women, AV, T Step Sisters Ladies' Meeting

Mondays 6:30 pm ET / 7:30 pm AT

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 876 5050 3243
Password: 490882

One tap mobile
+16468769923,,87650503243#,,,,0#,,490882# US (New York)
+13017158592,,87650503243#,,,,0#,,490882# US (Germantown)

Dial by your location
        +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
        +1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
        +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
        +1 408 638 0968 US (San Jose)
        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
        +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
Meeting ID: 876 5050 3243
Password: 490882

Find your local number:

C, Women, AV "That's What She Said!"

Meeting Times: Tuesdays 6:30pm - 7:30pm PST

A weekly speaker/discussion meeting where all non-male identified persons can attend with or without their children around; while or while not making dinner for themselves and their families; however present they are able to be in the moment.

Though a women's meeting, if a man were to show up needing a meeting, he would be welcomed as per the traditions.

One click join link:

Email Contact:
Meeting Access Code: n17s2N

O, Women, AV The Ladies on the Porch

Meeting Day:  Saturdays
Meeting Time:  9:30AM EST

Open AA discussion meeting for women; topic must come from AA GSO printed literature

You can join our Zoom meeting by simply clicking the following link:
You can also phone in by using the numbers below:

One tap mobile
+16465588656,,500885963# US (New York)
+13126266799,,500885963# US (Chicago)

Dial by your location
        +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
        +1 301 715 8592 US
        +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
        +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
        +1 253 215 8782 US
Meeting ID: 500 885 963

Find your local number:

Meeting ID: 500 885 963

Email Contact:

C, Women, AV Together We Can (Women)

Wednesday 7:00 pm Eastern USA

Together We Can is a closed, women-only meeting that meets weekly on Wednesday's at 7 pm Eastern Time. This is a Daily Reflection/Speaker discussion meeting.

Meeting ID: 768 6958 8134
Email for password:

One tap mobile
+13126266799,,76869588134# US (Chicago)
+19294362866,,76869588134# US (New York)

Dial by your location
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
        +1 929 436 2866 US (New York)
        +1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)
        +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
        +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
Meeting ID: 768 6958 8134
Find your local number:
*Meeting is password protected.*

Zoom Meeting ID: 747 495 728


Meeting Time Zone: PST
Meeting Times: 7:00 PM
Meeting Day: Monday - Sunday 7 days a week

ZOOM into our daily women's meeting, format varies daily

Meeting Link:

O, Women, AV VEGAS Sassy Sisters

Meeting Time Zone: PST
Meeting Times: 1:30 PM
Meeting Day: Sunday 

ZOOM in to Sassy Sisters! Women's open discussion 1:30pm PST Sundays in Las Vegas
Web Site:

O, Women, AV VEGAS Women in the Big Book

Meeting Time Zone: PST
Meeting Times: 5:00 PM
Meeting Days: Monday through Friday - every weekday

ZOOM in to our Monday through Friday WOMEN'S Big Book study 5PM PST. Waiting Room enabled, voice verified female attendance.

Web Site:

Email Contact:

C, Women, AV Wednesday Night Women's Meeting

Meeting Day: Wednesday 
Meeting Time: 6:00 PM PST
This is a closed WOMEN's meeting. Topic and Participation.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 439 784 2421
Password: 363201

Email Contact:

C, AtAg, Women, AV Wild Ones

Meeting Time Zone: USA EST
Meeting Day: Thursday
Meeting Times: 8pm

This group of A.A. attempts to maintain a tradition of free expression, and conduct a meeting where alcoholics may feel free to express any doubts or disbeliefs they may have, and to share their own personal form of spiritual experience, their search for it, or their rejection of it. We do not endorse or oppose any form of religion or atheism. Rather we strive to cultivate an atmosphere of respect for believers and nonbelievers alike, with an eye toward mindfulness and unity so that we may focus on a shared solution to alcoholism. Our only wish is to assure suffering alcoholics that they can find sobriety in A.A. without having to accept anyone else's beliefs or having to deny their own.

Web Site:

Email Contact:

C, Women, E Women in the Solution (WITS)

WITS is a closed online women's group of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our email meeting has two topics a week. In keeping with AA's singleness of purpose, we confine our discussions to recovery from alcoholism. One topic is taken from material written and approved as AA literature; the second topic is a "General Topic Discussion." All AA-related off topic shares are also welcome. The topics run concurrently, 24/7. Our group adheres to the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. For all other discussion not directly related to AA, we maintain a separate list (WITS-Coffee Talk) for posting of topics of a more general nature, i.e., other 12-step programs, meditations, general announcements, etc. We also have real-time chat meetings to address issues related to recovery from alcoholism.

To join, please email:

O, Women, AV Women's 10th Step Meeting

Meeting Format: AV - Zoom app
Meeting day/time: Wednesday's at 8:45pm est

Join Zoom Meeting

One tap mobile
,,2259462141# US Toll

Dial by your location
         US Toll
Meeting ID: 225 946 2141

Find your local number:

Meeting Description: 10th step focus.  Big book reading and discussion.

Email Contact:

C, A, AV Women's Daily Reflections

Meeting Time Zone: EST
Meeting Day: Friday
Meeting Times: Friday 1-2 pm

We are a group of women AA's dedicated to sobriety. We share our experience, strength and Together we read the AA  Daily Relictions and then share our experience, strength and hope in relationship to the reading of the day. Normally we meet on Friday's at 1 pm in Pompton Lakes, NJ During Covid-19 social distancing we are meeting on Zoom

For meeting password send email to

Web Site:

C, Women, AV Women's Wellness Wednesdays

Meeting Time Zone: Central
Meeting Times: 7:15 pm central

Women's Wellness Wednesday's is a topic discussion group. We share our experience, strength, and hope surrounding various topics. We use the Zoom app to run our meetings.

Email for password:

Zoom Meeting ID: 978 193 928

One tap mobile
+13126266799,,978193928#,,1#,2020# US (Chicago)
+19292056099,,978193928#,,1#,2020# US (New York)

Dial by your location
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
        +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
        +1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)
        +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
        +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
Meeting ID: 978 193 928

Find your local number:

O, Women, AV Working With Others

Meeting Day: Fridays
Meeting Time: 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM PST

Working With Others is a group of Alcoholics Anonymous. We adhere to the Traditions to the best of our ability, particularly that of our primary purpose and have no outside affiliations. Our format is open discussion on a topic read by the chair, from any AA approved literature. We are a fairly informal group of recovering women Alcoholics that stress support and growth, with a focus on experience, strength and hope.

Meeting ID: 371428853

Our password is 431616

Email Contact:

Web Site:

C, A, Women, AV Worldwide Primary Purpose Group

Meeting Day: Daily - Everyday
Meeting Times: 8;00 AM through 10:00 PM See listing below

We have 6 different meetings daily....

8:00 AM CST, Daily Reflections - We read the daily page from the daily reflections book

12:00 PM CST,  Gratitude - A talk about what we are grateful for

5:00 PM CST, 1st Step - Just for the newcomer or someone who wants to look at where it all began 

7:00 PM CST,  Big Book - A study of our basic text Reading & Discussion

8:00 PM CST, Speaker Meeting - A different Speaker shares their story

10:00 PM CST  12 & 12 - An in-depth  look at our other text, the 12 & 12

For all of the meetings, use this link

Email Contact:

C, Women, AV Worldwide Women's Meeting

Meeting Time Zone: NZT
Meeting Day(s) Wednesday
Meeting Times: 9:30-10:30 am NZT

Women's AA Literature based meeting.

This meeting locks 10 minutes after the meeting has started.
Passcode: 599398

Email Contact:

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Open & Closed Meetings
"Open meetings are available to anyone interested in Alcoholics Anonymous' program of recovery from alcoholism. Nonalcoholics may attend open meetings as observers.

"Closed meetings are for AA members only, or for those who have a drinking problem and 'have a desire to stop drinking.'

(from "The AA Group"; copyright AA World Services, Inc.; reprinted with permission)

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